The Happetite
29 Nov - 1 Dec 2022
MAPIC - Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

Food concepts exhibiting & pitching in 2019

From smaller upcoming restaurant chains & operators to established names, The Happetite welcomes the best food industry global concepts!

In 2020, they will get even more opportunities to showcase food industry trends and make business with landlords, private equity firms & food operators.


Booth: FB.G15

Pitching session: Thursday 24 May 17.00-18.00

Esquires Coffee was founded in 1993 in Vancouver, Canada. Today, Esquires is owned by Cooks Global Foods, a public listed company on the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

Esquires is a well-developed franchise system that is adaptable to many different models and markets. We provide a bespoke solution for every partner's needs.

THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT, AS THE ESQUIRES BRAND CONTINUES TO GROW ITS FAMILY OF CAFES AND CUSTOMERS AROUND THE WORLD. Today, you’ll find Esquires in many neighbourhoods. We are currently in 10 International Markets, proudly serving Esquires Organic and Fairtrade Coffee. Our brand has evolved, as have our cafes, food and beverage offerings, but our ethos and aspiration remains true. We are always looking to grow the family of Esquires Cafes with Multi Store, Regional partners that also enjoy coffee and food, value our local positioning and have good honest values.

Let us introduce you to the Opportunity to join our Family.

Year of Creation: 1993
Country of creation: Canada
Number of shops: 108
Average shop size: 150-300 sqm

Type of location: High street, Shopping mall, Other
Already present in: UK, Ireland, Portugal, China, Indonesia, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Pakistan
Want to develop in: All other countries in mainland Europe, USA/Canada, UAE, Egypt, India, Thailand, South Africa - open to other countries depending on proposal.


Booth: T03

Pitching session: Thursday 24 May 11.00-12.00

Matassa is born to bring to the world an authentic and genuine product: the real Italian fresh pasta. Splendid synthesis of manual skills, simple ingredients and centuries-old tradition: fresh pasta is one of the greatest boast of Italy.

The many specialties of fresh pasta delight the palate and bring us back in time, in the homes of our grandmothers; it is in their kitchens that we entered to rediscover the most genuine aspect of eating well and learning the secrets of working with pastas that are handed down from generation to generation. Like Matassa: a typical homemade pasta, hand-crafted, according to an ancient craft tradition that originates in the rural culture.

A kitchen made of care, dedication and patience, the same elements that we put in the field to create an experience of innovative taste where the processing of pasta is at the center of everything.

Year of Creation: 2018
Country of creation: Italy
Number of shops: 3
Average shop size: 100 sqm

Type of location: High street, Shopping mall, Travel Retail
Already present in: Italy, Nepal, India
Want to develop in: Worldwide


Booth: FB.F20

Pitching session: Wednesday 23 May 15.00-16.00

Briscola Pizza Society is a core part of the Foodation Group.
Foodation is an operational holding in the food retail sector and it serves as HQ, central and beating heart of its restaurants.

It was founded in 2013 to meet the new needs of the Italian and international public: to eat more quickly than a traditional restaurant, at an affordable price without sacrifice the quality of the product and a pleasant environment. The right mix of product quality, offer and sustainability of the business project is so guaranteed.

Foodation follows processes in all phases, giving relevance both to the concept and to the quality of the products. Through this, it is a reference point for investors, both at national and international level.

Year of Creation: 2015
Country of creation: Italy
Number of shops: 6
Average shop size: 250-300 sqm

Type of location: High Street
Already present in: Italy
Want to develop in: Worldwide


Booth: T13

Pitching session: Wednesday 23 May 15.00-16.00

Founded in Udine in 1995, Cigierre – Compagnia Generale Ristorazione S.p.A. – is the undisputed market leader among full-service casual dining restaurants chains in Italy.

Cigierre targets a broad range of customers mainly composed of families, business and young people. Within this segment, Cigierre has developed multiple formats, operating on the same platform, Old Wild West (burger steakhouse), Wiener Haus (traditional German beer restaurant), PizziKotto (restaurant pizzeria), Shi’s (Japanese restaurant), America Graffiti (american diner restaurant) and Temakinho (Japanese-Brazilian restaurant).

Cigierre today leverages a network of 350 restaurants with a widespread presence across the Italian territory. Multiple paths for further growth including infill opportunities across the brand portfolio and international expansion.

Year of Creation: 2002 (Old Wild West) / 2008 (American Graffiti) / 2013 (PizziKotto) / 2010 (Shi’S) / 2007 (Wiener Haus) / 2012 (Temakinho)

Country of creation: Italy

Number of shops: 195 (Old Wild West) / 64 (America Graffiti) / 27 (PizziKotto) / 13 (Shi’S) / 30 (Wiener Haus) / 10 (Temakinho)

Average shop size: 500 sqm (America Graffiti / Old Wild West) / 500 sqm (PizziKotto) / 350 sqm (Shi’S) / 500 sqm (Wiener Haus) / 300 sqm (Temakinho)

Type of location: Shopping mall, High street, Travel Retail

Already present in: Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium

Want to develop in: Europe


Booth: Foodtruck FB.H16

Pitching session: Wednesday 23 May 15.00-16.00

BEFED is an Italian Franchising and is an all Italian brand of food & beverage, born in Aviano, Friuli, in 1996. It is born with the precise target and desire to propose a new and innovative food and catering quality offer. It has been among the very first brew pubs in Italy to put on sale directly so many products in terms of craft beers, still prepared today by master brewers. The beer, Lager and Bock, is served with a qualitative dish; the braised Galletto, a special and exclusive selection of Vallespluga by BEFED, with high-quality French fries, a slice of bread and a very secret recipe BEFED sauce. The whole format is devoted to informality and originality. From 2017, in addition to the “Original” concept for large urban areas, BEFED also launched the Small & Take Away Formula for shopping centers and city centres. BEFED Franchising is looking forward with great interest to penetrate international markets and to develop its own network in Italy.

Year of Creation: 1996
Country of creation: Italy
Number of shops: 27
Average shop size: 100/450 sqm

Type of location: High Street & Shopping mall
Already present in: Italy
Want to develop in: Europe